Conditions of Entry Checklist(参赛规则)


The Circuit is open to photographers all over the world. This is a digital image Circuit. It will be organized under the approved rules of PSA as well as WPU. All acceptances will count for PSA and WPU. If two or more similar images are entered by the same author, the first one getting the acceptance score will be considered for acceptance or award, the other images will not be considered. After the results of the Circuit are announced, all contestants are asked to log on to the website to download the E-Cert. The E-Cert is only kept on the website for one year.

这是一个数码摄影巡回赛,该比赛向全世界的摄影师开放,它将根据PSAWPU的批准规则进行组织赛事展览 所有入围作品都将计入PSAWPU的摄影名衔 如果同一作者上传了两个或更多的相似作品,则第一个达到入围分数的作品将被视为入围,其他作品将作落选处理。比赛结果公布后,请各位参赛者自己登录网站下载证书,证书在网站只保留一年。





China International Photographers AssociationCIPA)


Institution registration certificate number65109928-000-08-15-A


The China International Photographers Association was registered in Hong Kong, China in August 2015 and is a relatively influential international photography organization. The image is accepted in the Contests hosted by the China International Photographers Association. It is both your honor and our blessing, and it is the authoritative recognition of your photography achievements.

中国国际摄影协会于2015年8月在中国香港注册,是一个有影响力的国际摄影组织。 您的作品在中国国际摄影家协会主办的比赛中入围, 这既是您的荣幸,也是我们的祝福,更是对您的摄影成就的权威认可。


[A] COLOR Open 彩色自由组

[B] MONOCHROME Open (单色/黑白自由组

[C] TRAVEL(Color/Monochrome) 旅行组-彩色/黑白

All are digital Sections. An author may submit a maximum of 4 images in each section i.e 12 total images for 3 sections. Images for each section should be uploaded via “”website.

所有都是数码部分。 作者在每个组别最多可以提交4幅作品,即3总共12幅作品 每个组别作品应通过“”网站上传。


Photos must be in jpg file format.

Maximum horizontal length 1920 pixels / Maximum vertical length 1080 pixels (1920×1080).

File size of individual image should not exceed 2MB.


Resolution:72-300 dpi.


最大水平长度1920像素 / 最大垂直长度1080像素(1920×1080)。


颜色:RGB / sRGB。

分辨率:72-300 dpi


1-3 Section    USD $ 35(¥220)(1-3组35美元或¥220元人民币)

International payment method,

Participants are requested to send their entries, Entry Fee etc. well in advance. Late entries will not be entertained and the Entry Fee will be retained. If the entry fee is not received within the closing date, Entries may not be considered for selection.

国际付款方式, 。中国摄影师参赛请直接扫描微信或支付宝二维码以人民币的方式支付。

作者提前上传参赛作品并支付报名 逾期上传作品将不予受理,并保留报名费。如果在截止日期之前主办单位未收到足额的报名费,则可能不考虑将你的作品提供给评委参加评选

CLUB Admission fees for 10 or more people are subject to a 20% discount. The fee for a club entry must be paid once , otherwise we cannot allow the discount! Only listed members of a club will count for club scoring.

10人或10人以上的俱乐部报名费可享受20%的折扣。俱乐部报名费必须一次性支付,否则比赛网站系统可能无法识别而阻止您所享受的折扣! 只有在俱乐部页面列出的成员才能计入俱乐部得分并享受折扣。

7. Report Cards will be sent by E-Mail as well as displayed on Permission to reproduce images in the catalogue or for publicity is assumed unless otherwise denied by the author.

评选结果公示通知将通过电子邮件发送,并显示在“”网站上。 如果任何作者没有做出特殊说明主办单位有权复制和使用参赛并入围的摄影作品进行非盈利性的展览、出版、宣传等


File name should be as you would want it to appear in the catalogue (same as title name).Each image must have a unique title with maximum 35 characters.Please use only English alphabet and numeric ( a-z A-Z 0-9 ). There can be spaces in the title of the work but cannot contain any form of punctuation.

文件名应与您希望在目录中显示的文件名相同(与标题名称相同)。每幅作品必须具有最多35个英文字符的唯一标题,请仅使用英文字母和数字(a-z A-Z 0-9)作品标题中可以有空格,但不能包含任何形式的标点符号

9.Names and Honors of judges评委姓名及摄影名衔

1、Equatorial Salon


Viktor Kanunnikov (EFIAP ,   EPSA)(Russian Federation)


2、South Pole Salon

Ramesh Letchmanan(AFIAP ,QPSA , GPU/CR1)(Singapore)

Samir Zahirovic(EFIAP/b)(Bosnia and Herzegovina)


3、North Pole Salon

Zay Yar Lin(EFIAP , PMPS)(Myanmar)

Subho Saha(EFIAP ,PPSA ,GPU/CR2/VIP1)(India)


10. AWARDS奖项:343

Best photographer 1最佳摄影师1人


WPU GOLD 27WPU金牌 27块

CIPA E-Cert GOLD 36CIPA电子证书金奖 36个

CIPA E-Cert HM 270(CIPA电子证书荣誉奖270个)

Acceptance range is 25% to 35%.(入围率25%—35%)

The awards will be adjusted in proportion to the total number of participating images.


The Exhibition will be conducted in accordance with the rules of the PSA and WPU.

An entrant’s images will not be presented to the judges consecutively.  An entrant’s four images will be distributed throughout four rounds of judging in that section.  Distribution of images will be in the same round order as submitted by the entrant.

An image may be entered in only one section where acceptances of that image in multiple sections would be eligible for the same star path.




11. CALENDAR比赛日程

Closing Date:  Jul. 11,2021(2021 / 07 / 11)
Judging:  Jul. 16-21,2021(2021 / 07 / 16-21)
Notification emails sent: Jul. 31,2021(2021 / 07 / 31)
Exhibitions and slide shows:  Aug. 30,2021 (2021 / 08 / 30)
Catalogues & awards sent:  Sep. 20,2021(2021 / 09 / 20)

12. Please read the above regulations carefully and try to avoid unnecessary correspondences. Still for further queries, if, any, contact us at

请仔细阅读以上规定,并避免不必要的通信。 如有其他查询,请通过cipa-photo@qq.com与我们联系。

Exhibition chairman:Li Chen


IMAGE AND ENTRY REQUIREMENTS This exhibition is open to anyone; however, an entry may be rejected when the Sponsor or the Exhibition Organizers, in their reasonable discretion, believes the entry does not conform to exhibition rules and these Conditions of Entry. Membership in any photographic organization is not required.

Sanctions: Entries will not be accepted from any entrant who is currently sanctioned by PSA.



PSA Star Ratings(PSA星

To receive proper Star ratings credit from PSA, entrants must provide their names and country exactly the same in each exhibition. Aliases are not permitted. Please contact PSA in the event of name changes or relocating to another country.

要获得PSA认可的星积分,作者必须在每次展览中注册完全相同的姓名和国家/地区 不允许使用别名或笔名,如果姓名更改或移民到另一个国家,请联系PSA。

WPU Email(WPU 电子邮箱)

Participants who register for any WPU-certified contests website must use the same and unique name and e-mail address. Participants with the same Given Name and the same Family Name can register, but we are distinguished by different mailboxes.  If the same entrant uses a different name or uses the same name but uses a different email registration, we think it is a different entrant, the photographer’s points will be calculated separate, please be careful!


WPU Distinctions(WPU 名衔)

WPU photographers are classified into 15 grades of Stars Rating(SWPU), Blue Crowns(BCWPU), Gold Crowns(GCWPU), etc. Participate in the WPU-certified Contests, 9 points for each medal and 7 points for each HM,Acceptances 5 points per image.You can win the corresponding bonus by winning the title of “Blue Crowns” and “Gold Crowns”, but you must apply to WPU and receive it after passing the examination.Photographers are not allowed to use the same image to participate in the same contests of each year.For details, please refer to .


Image Creation(作品来源

Entries must originate as photographs (image-captures of objects via light sensitivity) made by the entrant on photographic emulsion or acquired digitally. .



By virtue of submitting an image, the entrant certifies the work as his or her own (.Images may not incorporate elements produced by anyone else (for example: clip art, images or art by others downloaded from the Internet). Aliases are not allowed. The entrant permits the sponsors to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the exhibition. This may include low resolution posting on a website.  Note: Entrants who indicate that their images may not be reproduced or used “will not be eligible for awards” or inclusion in audio-visuals of the exhibition “and could be subject to disqualification” by the exhibition sponsors. The exhibition assumes no liability of any misuse of copyright.

作者一旦上传作品就视同证明作品没有著作权等任何法律纠纷,作品不得包含其他任何人的素材(例如:剪贴画、图片局部、网络下载的素材等不允许使用化名 主办及认证者有权使用参赛作品用于出版、展览、媒体、网络宣传等,同时不承担任何版权责任。作者果明确声明不得复制或使用其作品,主办有权取消其参赛资格

Alteration and Computer Generation Subject to Divisional restrictions (particularly Nature, Photo Travel, and Photojournalism) images may be altered, either electronically or otherwise, by the maker. Adjustments to enhance images or creatively modify images are allowed providing the underlying photograph is retained in a way that is obvious to the viewer.  Images may not be constructed entirely with a computer, and must be the sole work of the author.


Re-use of accepted images: Once an image has been accepted in a PSA Recognized exhibition, any identical image, or near identical image, may not, in future, be entered or re-entered in any section of the same Division Star Ratings class in that exhibition regardless of media, format, or title; may not be re-titled for entry into any other PSA Recognized exhibition, including translation into another language.


Entry: An Entry consists of, up to and including, four (4) images entered by a single Entrant into the same Section. An entrant may only enter a specific Section once.



Each image must have a unique title. That unique title must be used for entry of that image or of an Identical Image  into any and all PSA-Recognized exhibitions. Titles must be 35 characters or fewer. No titles may be visible to the judges, and nothing in the image may identify the maker. Titles must not include file extensions such as .jpg or .jpeg (or any other camera capture filenames), or words such as "untitled" or "no title". Titles may not consist solely of numbers.


Color and Monochrome(彩色和黑白:

Color and Monochrome images from the same capture that share substantial pictorial content in common will be considered the same image and must be given the same title.

However, PSA members working on Galaxy and Diamond Star Ratings are allowed to continue using different titles of monochrome versions and color versions of the same capture that have already been accepted until the required number of acceptances for those titles has been completed.



Breaches of Rules(违反规则)

If, at any time, it is determined in the reasonable discretion of the exhibition organizer or the judges before, during, or after the judging of an exhibition that an entrant has submitted entries where one or more images may fail to comply with these Conditions of Entry, including the stated definitions, the exhibition organizers reserve the right to delete the entry from the exhibition and void any or all acceptances or awards in connection with the exhibition. Fees may be forfeited or refunded in these circumstances. The entrant acknowledges that the decision of the exhibition organizers or the judges is final.


In order to ensure that images comply with the Conditions of Entry and definitions, the exhibition organizers may carry out reasonable measures to verify that:

a) the images are the original work of the entrant and

b) the images comply with the rules and definitions as set out in these Conditions of Entry




These steps include, but are not limited to, questioning any entrant, requiring the submission of RAW files or other digital files representing the original capture of the submitted image(s), confronting the entrant with evidence that one or more submitted images fails to comply with the Conditions of Entry (also known as Entry Rules), and offering the entrant a reasonable opportunity to provide counter evidence to refute the exhibition organizer’s evidence by a set deadline. Such entries that are not cleared or are still questionable after the entrant has presented evidence may be considered in breach of these Conditions of Entry, and declined. Such entries may be referred to PSA for further investigation of possible ethics violations.


PSA retains the right to investigate in any way all complaints/suspicions of breaches of entry conditions, impose sanctions if deemed necessary, void the acceptances of any image found to violate the PSA rules, include the entrant’s name on the list of sanctions provided to Exhibitions, and share such investigations with FIAP. Entrants automatically agree to these terms by the act of entering the Exhibition and agree to cooperate with any investigation.


If another party is submitting images on the entrant’s behalf, the entrant will still be held responsible for adhering to these Conditions of Entry (Entry Rules) and will be subject to sanction for any violations to these Conditions of Entry and PSA’s Statement of Ethics that may result.

如果由代理机构代理作者投稿,作者仍将对遵守参赛条件(参赛规则)负责,并将因任何违反参赛条件和可能导致的 PSA 道德声明的行为受到制裁。

NOTICE: When an entrant fills in the Entry Form to submit an entry the entrant will see a feature to affirm he or she has read these Conditions of Entry when he or she fills out the entry form.  If the entrant does not so affirm the entry will not be submitted.



By entering this exhibition, you are explicitly consenting to the personal details you have supplied, including email addresses, being held, processed and used by the exhibition organizers for purposes associated with this exhibition. You also explicitly consent to such information being sent to organizations that have accorded official recognition, patronage or accreditation to this exhibition. You acknowledge and accept that entering this exhibition means that the status and results of your entry may be made public.


PSA Statement on Subject Matter(PSA关于主题的声明)

There is one hard and fast rule, whose spirit must be observed at all times and applies to all sections offered in PSA recognised exhibitions.

The welfare of the subject is more important than the photograph.

This means that practices such as baiting of subjects with a living creature and removal of birds from nests, for the purpose of obtaining a photograph, are highly unethical, and such photographs are not allowed in any PSA exhibitions.



The purpose of this policy is to prevent any interference with other individuals or animals which will or may cause a disturbance in their normal activity or disrupt the way any individuals or animals interact with their environment. Entry in this exhibition requires exhibitors to agree to this and other PSA policies.


The content of images must comply with these General Conditions and with the Division and Section definitions listed in these conditions. Images that - in the sole opinion of the judges or the Exhibition Organizers - do not comply are likely to be disqualified so the entrant may be aware of the problem when considering entry into other PSA recognized exhibitions.



One of the tenets of photography, is that the safety and well-being of the subject, photographer and surroundings is of paramount importance over the capturing of the photograph.

1.  May not fly a drone above people for the purpose of photographing their activity, unless permission is granted in writing.

2. May not fly or photograph animals in their natural habitat, especially nesting areas and locations where the animal is already under stress (winter survival, migratory feeding, protecting young). Photographing scenery/landscapes is permissible.

3. May not fly or photograph in any designated wilderness area.





All entries shall conform to the stricter of these definitions for acceptances and awards to be validated by all the International Organizations granting recognition or patronage.


a)Salon Definitions(沙龙定义):

In open sections, entrants can enter photos with any kind of theme: for example: portrait, people, nature, wildlife, landscape, architecture, still-life photography, digital imaging, HDR photos, etc. All acceptance eligibility shall be in accordance with the PID Star Ratings or the Galaxy/Diamond Ratings requirements as appropriate.

者可以在开放(自由组别投稿不限任何主题的作品:例如:肖像、人物、自然、野生动物、风景、建筑、静物摄影、数字成像、HDR创意图片等。所有入围作品均应符合 PID星级或银河/钻石评级的要求。

Monochrome images may not be entered in the Open Color Section. Acceptances in PID recognized Monochrome sections shall be credited towards PID Monochrome Star Ratings and Who’s Who Monochrome listings. The color and monochrome versions of same image, regardless of title, cannot entered in different sections of this exhibition.


People Definition: Show us people in all situations, such as daily life, street photography, traditions, portrait, people at work, social events, human relations and etc. The main subject in the photo must be one or more human.


b)PSA Definitions(PSA定义):

PSA Monochrome Definition(PSA单色/黑白的定义)

An image is considered to be Monochrome only if it gives the impression of having no color (i.e. contains only shades of grey which can include pure black and pure white) OR it gives the impression of being a greyscale image that has been toned in one color across the entire image. (For example by Sepia, red, gold, etc.)  A greyscale or multi-colored image modified or giving the impression of having been modified by partial toning, multi-toning or by the inclusion of spot coloring does not meet the definition of monochrome and shall be classified as a Color Work.
Monochrome images may not be entered in PID Color sections.

PSA Photo Travel Definition(PSA旅行摄影的定义

A Photo Travel image expresses the characteristic features or culture of a land as they are found naturally.  There are no geographical limitations.  Images from events or activities arranged specifically for photography, or of subjects directed or hired for photography are not permitted. Close up pictures of people or objects must include features that provide information about the location.

Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted.  The only allowable adjustments are removal of dust or digital noise, restoration of the appearance of the original scene, and complete conversion to greyscale monochrome. Other derivations, including infrared, are not permitted.  All images must look natural.

Attention is drawn to the PSA Statement on Subject Matter which applies to all sections